About Us


At SoulFuel, we have one goal – to empower your fitness journey with premium, clean supplements that enable you to feel and perform your best. Everything we make at SoulFuel is free of artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy or harmful steroids. We are committed to ‘authentic ingredients’ and ‘saying no processed sugars’ without compromising on taste. Our mission is to make supplements that are good for you and taste so good that you love having them!

Our Roots

Priyanka Kaul Lakdawala along with a team of nutritionists & food technology experts gave birth to India’s cleanest protein, SoulFuel. Today, SoulFuel has a wide range of protein and fibre supplements that is free of steroid, soy, gluten, processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.

India’s leading GI surgeon, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, our chief advisor firmly believes that a good diet is a foundation for great health. His quest for providing the right nutrition to all his patients, left him surprised at the lack of authentic and clean supplements in the Indian market. The search to find a holistic protein supplement that didn’t come loaded with artificial sweeteners or steroids resulted in SoulFuel.